Antigone Karabatzou Architects


Studied in Columbia University and graduated with a degree in Architecture from Pratt Institute (Bachelor 1983).

Joined “Naomil Left and Associates” a firm in NYC well known at the time for the design of Ralph Lauren shops and showrooms.

Also gained experience from a busy NY design scene by working as a free-lancer for several firms including Charles Danga etc. Moved back to Athens and worked for A.Stragalis, an architectural firm specialized in hotel design and programming (1986-1987).

Shortly after commissioned some major residential projects established a studio in Thessaloniki, Greece (1990). Since then the firm completed a large number of projects, commercial and residential including shops, offices, showrooms houses and apartment revovations.

Formed concept design for several “clothing firms” and supervised the construction of a series of retail stores through out Greece and abroad.

Major works have been published in well known greek design magazines and shown on TV (Design- ET3). There have been articles and interviews concerning the work of the firm.

Antigone Karabatzou Architects: interior


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